Second hand shares now available

13 December 2018

It is that time of year again...
No not Christmas but when RIB Shack are able to offer 2nd hand shares due to a number of customers upgrading.

If you have been thinking about getting in to boating but can’t quite push yourself ‘over the line’ then why not consider one of our 2nd hand shares in either a Ribeye 785 Custom Sport or a Ribeye 650 Custom Sport. No limitations and no restrictions. 

Both of these RIB’s offer you the opportunity of enjoying a truly fabulous lifestyle, they are high performance and highly configured boats. With the RIB Shack Marine shared boat ownership scheme you get the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy your boat without having to worry about its upkeep. 

We do all the time consuming jobs as well as manage your boat in terms of administration, the boats upkeep, its availability to customers, week swaps, ad hoc usage and much, much more. Leaving you to spend quality time with family and friends.  Details of our 2nd hand shares are listed below.

We have shares available in a Ribeye 785 Custom Sport . She came into the fleet in September 2017 and has a Yamaha 300 hp engine.  Each 25% share is £16,000. The monthly management fee per share is £295* + VAT (approximately 1 year 9 months to run on initial contract).

We also have shares available on Ribeye 650 custom sport with Yamaha 200 hp engine.  The first 25% share is in a boat that will be 3 years old in March 2019 and is being continued for a further 2 year term.  The second 25% share is in a boat that is just over 3 years old and has been extended again for a further 2 years expiring Sept 2020. Prices for these 25% shares start from £8,000.  The monthly management fee is the same for both shares and is £275* + VAT.

Both the Ribeye 785 Sport and the Ribeye 650 Custom Sport have 2 tone grey and black tubes with red upholstery with grey piping.  They are all equipped with;

In addition the 785 has 4 x Scott Shock Mitigation Suspension Seats and LED deck lights. 
All boats are suitable for water sports - water skiing, wake boarding, towing ringo's etc.

*Please note for a home port of Lymington there is an additional fee.

You are guaranteed one week’s use in every four (i.e 13 weeks a year), with schedules issued annually in advance.  You can email us with any swap requests if there are weeks allocated that you know you can't use. We will then contact the other owners on your boat to see if they are able to swap. If they are unable to swap, we will contact owners on other boats in the fleet and see if they are able to swap.  Our customers join us for the flexibility.  You can also request a boat for ad hoc days (from Southampton only), there is no additional management fee, you are just charged for the fuel used. We achieve a very high percentage of all boat swaps and ad hoc usage.  Ask to speak to any of our customers to see that this really DOES WORK.

It is the Christmas season after all, so why not treat yourself and your family to the ultimate Christmas present. 
For more information or to book a demonstration please either email us at 
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