A hat trick of new boats joining the RIB Shack Marine shared ownership scheme at SIBS.

A hat trick of new boats joining the RIB Shack Marine shared ownership scheme at SIBS.

12 September 2019

RIB Shack Marine will be launching 3 new boats into their shared ownership scheme at Southampton International Boat Show. 

Following the successful introduction of the Axopar 28 Cabin into the scheme at last year's show. RIB Shack Marine will be offering shares in the Axopar 37 Cabin. 

“We welcomed the first Axopar into our shared ownership scheme this spring". Said Colin Vine, MD. “We now have 3 in the fleet and are so happy with the brand we will now be offering 25% shares in the Axopar 37".

As well as offering the Axopar 37, RIB Shack Marine will be offering 2 of the new Ribeye RIBS into the scheme.

"We have partnered with Ribeye Boats for the past 16 years. We have offered their RIB's, for sale in 25% shares. As Ribeye launches their new models, we will be proud to continue to offer their quality British made products to our owners" added Colin. 

So how does the RIB Shack Marine scheme work?

Shared ownership is perfect for anyone who wants to own a boat, but are time poor.


Each boat has four owners each owning a 25% share in their chosen boat. This enables owners to access their boats for 13 weeks of the year giving each owner at least 1 week in every 4.

Owners often swop weeks or weekends with other owners. They can also request ad-hoc days/weekends and the team at RIB Shack Marine manage both the swaps and ad-hoc usage. 

When becoming an owner you will stipulate where your 'home location' is. This is the usual location you will board and leave your boar following your time onboard. Home bases are available in various locations in the Solent area.

Boat Management

As a member of the shared boat ownership scheme, you also enjoy the benefits of the RIB Shack Marine boat management programme.

This includes cleaning, refuelling, sea start, engine servicing, berthing at MDL marinas and more. Allowing you more time to enjoy your investment.

The management agreement is for 3 years. After which the boat or your share in the boat is sold. The net proceeds are then paid back to the owner(s).

Many owners have reinvested in the shared ownership scheme. With the new boats entering the fleet, many have used it as an opportunity to love to a larger boat.

For more information

RIB Shack Marine will be exhibiting on stand E057 in Mayflower Park during Southampton International Boat Show. For more details on their shared ownership scheme, please contact them on 023 8033 6197 or email info@ribshackmarine.co.uk

The Southampton International Boat Show, sponsored by borrow a boat, is happening at Mayflower Park from Friday 13th until Sunday 22nd September 2019. You can buy tickets online here

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RIB Shack Marine

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