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Frequently Asked Questions

At RIB Shack Marine, we are dedicated to bringing you the luxury experience of real boat ownership without the hassle. If you are interested in our shared boat ownership scheme, read our FAQs below, or get in touch via the form below.

Take a look at our testimonials and see what our owners are saying about owning a share with RIB Shack Marine.

Owning a boat with RIB Shack Marine is real boat ownership, our owners take care of the boat as it is their asset. There are no restrictions or limitations on where you can take your boat and enjoy your time on the water.

Each of the Axopar and Ribeye’s in the fleet are highly spec’d with a lot of added extras as the cost to purchase the boat is a shared cost. This means you can enjoy time on a top of the range Ribeye or Axopar for a quarter of the cost of buying the same boat yourself.

We want to make it as easy as we can for our owners to enjoy their time on the water. There is no online booking system to race and beat others to book your time. Schedules are issued annually in advance which allow you to organise the time on your boat and off your boat for the year. You are guaranteed 13 weeks use a year (1 week in 4) If you can’t use one of your weeks, email in and we will try and obtain a week swap, if not on your own boat we look across the fleet of the same type of vessel. All our owners join us for flexibility and we have a very high success rate for weeks swaps and ad hoc usage (when you request a boat for an odd day out of your scheduled weeks – for this you do not pay any more management only for the fuel you use).

If you have owned a boat, you will know that you may think that you will want to use it all the time but the reality is with other commitments, children’s activities etc. this is unfortunately not the case.

Therefore you are paying for all of the boat’s berthing, insurance, breakdown, maintenance and other costs which can make 100% ownership not very cost effective. You also have to arrange engine servicing, sort maintenance issues, warranty claims and cleaning. These all take time from you enjoying your boat and can also add to the ‘hidden costs’ of boat ownership.

By joining the RIB Shack Marine Shared Boat Ownership Scheme you just pick up the keys, head out and enjoy your time on the water and drop off the keys when you leave. No children playing up and getting bored when you turn up to use your boat and then find there is an issue, which you then have to resolve before you can set off.

A schedule is planned for the year that gives each owner one week’s usage of their boat in every four. This schedule is sent out to the owners around October/November each year for the following year. Members may request to swap weeks / weekends to suit their needs best, you simply email in to RIB Shack Marine and they will email the other owner(s).

We achieve a high percentage of all swap requests. You can also phone or email in to request a boat out of your scheduled weeks for the odd day, there is no additional management fee for this, you just pay for the fuel used. Again we achieve most of these requests.

Prior to your scheduled week we will contact you to ascertain your likely usage of the boat and what times. This enables us to provide the optimum level of service to our owners and provide total boat management.

Throughout the year a scheduled week commences from every Monday at 1:00 p.m. and finishes on the following Sunday evening. This allows us to clean and refuel all boats for the next handover.

However, should you wish to book a holiday cottage and the week runs from Friday to Friday or Saturday to Saturday, we try to obtain a ‘part week’ swap so you have the boat for the week you are away. We have done this many times for lots of customers.

This is a complete package. When operating out of the home port, most costs will be covered by your monthly management fee. This covers dry stacking / berthing, insurance, Sea Start, warranty management, engine servicing, weekly refuelling and valeting service.

The only additions are fuel, the boat will be refuelled after each owner’s usage and that owner will then be invoiced for the amount of fuel it takes to refill the boat.

Also there can sometimes be a small amount to pay for any out of warranty repairs which occur now and then eg. Bilge pump, general wear and tear on a prop. This cost is shared between the four owners and is normally only nominal amounts.

Once you have paid for your 25% share, you will then have a monthly maintenance cost which covers most of the costs. You will also need to buy life jackets, if you don’t already have any.
For the time that you are onboard your boat you will also need to pay for the fuel that you use, any non MDL moorings and harbour dues.

Yes you can, you own the boat and we don’t place restrictions on travel time or distance. Many of our RIB’s and Axopars go to the South West in the Summer for their holiday weeks too. We have owners who enjoy their boats in Salcombe, Dartmouth, Rock, St Mawes, Brixham, Plymouth etc.

We totally understand that there are times when your crew can’t make it down to the boat at the same time you want to go out. We have no restrictions on solo boating.

Absolutely, we have many owners who travel with young children and grandchildren. Each child must wearing a suitable life jacket for the time they are onboard and obviously need to be supervised at all times. They enjoy the thrill of the boats and if old enough partaking in water sports.

Yes you can, we just ask if you dog is muddy or wet not to let them jump all over the cushions especially on the Axopar’s in the sleeping area.

No, you own the boat. No limitations and no restrictions. With care, competence and consideration for your safety and others, your cruising range is limited only by the time you have on board. Whilst the Solent and the South Coast provide more than enough interest for most owners, for the more experienced and adventurous members, the Channel Islands and the north coast of France are accessible.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to choose an alternative base for your week you can take your boat anywhere you wish. MDL’s freedom berthing also gives you additional flexibility of choice.

If you want the boat in a different location for eg. your summer holiday – transportation can be arranged to places like Dartmouth, Salcombe, Torquay, Falmouth etc.

Since RIB Shack Marine introduced the Axopar 28 Cabin into our unique shared boat ownership scheme we are struggling to keep up with demand. With a considerable number of Axopar’s already in the fleet is testament to their suitability to our inshore and offshore waters.

They provide both a level of comfort and performance not seen in this category before. Their flexibility, style and robustness have made the Axopar’s a global success and we thoroughly recommend them to anyone.

The answer is yes. Water skiing, wakeboarding, towing ringos and enjoying activities from your boat can be done on both the Ribeye’s and Axopar boats in our range.

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are the most complete multipurpose recreational boat on the market today. Comprising a reinforced fibreglass hull surrounded by multiple independent tough hyperlon air chambers that give the owner a high degree of security and safety.

It is no coincidence that rescue services throughout the world, including the RNLI and the coastguards, use RIBs as their front line solution to a safe, fast, manoeuvrable and reliable rescue boat. You will find RIBs in all manner of uses in the armed forces and protecting our waters. For the leisure user RIBs are an outstanding family vessel, capable of day cruising with comfort and water skiing on fun afternoons.

In Southampton the boats will be dry stacked when not in use. If you plan to use your boat the owner must ring 24 hours prior to arrival in order for their boat to be lifted in to the water ready to go. At the other locations, if you are planning to use your boat then it will be provided on a suitable mooring ready to go, you just collect the keys from the marina office.

This is our third RIB Shack boat . Over the last 9 years Colin, Helen and the team have provided such an efficient and friendly service. The shared boat concept is a convenient and cost effective way of owning a Rib and getting onto the water. We love spending time on the water with friends and family exploring the Solent and having picnics or lunches

Julian S

Shared boat ownership through RIB Shack is a brilliant concept - marinas are full of unused boats, which is both financially and environmentally inefficient. The team takes care of all the hassles of boat ownership, from insurance and servicing through to cleaning and incidental repairs, and will deliver the boat wherever you want it on the Solent. We are enjoying the amazing Axopar 37 for a similar ownership cost to a boat half the size!


I am really delighted with RIB Shack. The deal with RIB Shack gives me all the access I really need to an awesome boat at a fraction of the cost on a lock and leave basis - ie they take it away and look after it. The team are always available to help out and have been fantastic in finding me a boat even when it was not my week. Such a brilliant formula and so well managed by RIB Shack. Thank you!

Louis K

Shared ownership a great way of getting onto the water without the hassle


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