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View through Ribeye A811 windscreen


On occasion, we have second hand 25% shares available in one or more of the Ribeye or Axopar boats we have in the RSM Shared Boat Ownership Scheme.

There can be a variety of reasons our owners wish to sell their shares. Whether a change in circumstance means that they can no longer enjoy as much time on their boat as they wish or they are looking to move onto another one of the boats in the scheme. It offers a great opportunity for you to buy a share and enjoy 1 week on 4 on the water having fun with your family and friends.

What advantages are there to buying a second-hand share?

If you are new to boating or to RIB Shack Marine, you may want to know what the advantages are of buying a second-hand Ribeye or Axopar boat share.


  1. It’s a lower cost of entering the scheme. Buying a second-hand share will come at a lower price than buying a new share. So you’ll be able to buy a 25% share in a highly specified boat at a great price. Don’t forget that when it’s time for the boat to leave the fleet – you’ll get 25% of the sales price returned to you.
  2. There is no waiting for a new boat. 
    When you order a share in a new boat, it’s generally in a model that is being made to RIB Shack specifications and as you probably know, boats aren’t built overnight. Buying a second-hand share means that you can be out onto the water within the next month. You’ll be given a schedule with your weeks for the next year so that you can plan your diary. Perfect for busy people.
  3. You’ll enjoy a shorter management term.
    When a new boat enters the RSM Shared Boat Ownership scheme it initially stays in the scheme for 3 years. On some boats, this can be extended to 5 years if the owners agree. Buying a second-hand share will mean that depending on how long the boat you are looking at has been in the scheme will reduce the term of ownership for you. Many of our owners do sign up for a second and some a third term!


What second-hand shares do you currently have available?

The best way to see what shares we have available is either to fill in our contact form or give us a call at 023 8033 6197.

If you’d like to arrange a demo, then please fill in our contact form or call us on 023 8033 6197.